What is Microblading? 

Microblading is a semi- permanent make-up procedure. A handheld tool carrying 7-21 needles forming a blade shape. The handheld tool is dipped into cosmetic tattoo pigment and implemented into the skin to create perfectly crisp hair-like strokes.

The configurations consist of 7-21 needles arranged in a row but in different shapes, such as angled and U-shaped.

Above are just some of the needle configurations available…



What treatments options do we offer?

- Microblading & Nanoblading
- Blade & Shade
- 3D Combination Brows
- Brow correction. Covering old spmu eyebrows tattoo (faded, bad shape, loss of pigmentations)



How long does it last?

The best healed results require strict adherence to the Microblading aftercare instructions. The pigment used in the method can last between 1-3 years. In order to keep your brows looking crisp, a touch-up is recommended every 6-12 months - 24 months maximum. After two years, full price for Microblading will apply. Clients that choose a lighter colour initially will lose colour faster, and clients who do not follow after care instruction properly may require more frequent touch ups.


How long do you wait until a touch up appointment?

Mini touch-up - 6 to 8 week touch-up prior to initial appointment

Annual touch-up - 6 to 12 months prior to Initial



What are the requirements for care after the procedure? 

The aftercare instructions are the most important part of the entire process. They are very simple and if not adhered to, results will be impacted.

The great news is that we will give you all the aftercare advice and keep in regular contact to ensure you are sticking to it!

Just £199 (Inc 6 week top up)